Subterranean, Homesick and Blue

Thursday 29 September, 7:30pm
Subterranean, Homesick and Blue
In association with Classic Album Thursdays, Andy Kershaw presents Bob Dylan’s classic album Bringing It All Back Home, the record where he made his tentative steps toward rock, while not fully abandoning the topical songwriting on which he made his name.

I have spent a lot of time following signs out of my home town. And another part of my life trying to get back in again. Bob Dylan was the first man to pull me out of here and my gran and grandad had a bigger pull to draw me back.– Ian Clayton, Bringing It All Back Home

Andy Kershaw was born in Rochdale in 1959. His horizons were opened up by an early obsession with Bob Dylan. Tracing Dylan’s influences led Andy towards folk, blues, country, soul and gospel.
He has spent most of his life in broadcasting, presenting The Whistle Test on TV and a regular show on Radio 1 for 15 years, where he became a key figure in the popularisation of music from around the world. A journalist at heart, he has often reinvented himself as a foreign correspondent for BBC radio news and occasionally made travel documentaries. His autobiography, No Off Switch, was published in 2011.

Tickets £10. Available from behind the bar.